Saturday, June 21, 2008

Two VAT questions for the Finance Minister

Two VAT questions for the Finance Minister
Stabroek News letter. Thursday 19 June 2008

Dear Editor,
It is heartening that Dr. Ashni Singh, the Minister of Finance has finally addressed the Press on matters concerning his Ministry, even though he was less than forthright on the matter involving the President, Mr. Yesu Persaud and tax concessions.
I am writing to pose publicly to Dr. Singh two straight questions: 1) Is he aware that had the rate of VAT been correctly computed prior to its being set into law, the standard rate would be less than 16%?
2. Would Dr. Singh now be equally prompt in reducing the rate - which incidentally he can do on his own, subject only to an affirmative resolution of the National Assembly?
I would appreciate a timely response from Dr. Singh.
Yours faithfully,
Christopher Ram
Editor’s note: A copy of this letter is being sent to Finance Minister Ashni Singh for any comment he may wish to make.

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