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PPP’s 29th Congress -Moses, Donald, Frank in top 5

PPP’s 29th Congress -Moses, Donald, Frank in top 5

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Luncheon speaks of ‘media management’

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If the election of the PPP’s new central committee is an indicator of who its next presidential candidate might be there could be a three-way battle with party stalwart Moses Nagamootoo returning to the fray but being pipped by General Secretary Donald Ramotar and rising star Dr Frank Anthony in the top 5.
[1] Dr Frank Anthony

Dr Frank Anthony

As they had in 2005, the top two positions were occupied by President Bharrat Jagdeo – who is not eligible for another term – and former President Mrs Janet Jagan while two other oft-mentioned names Robert Persaud and Ralph Ramkarran placed 9th and 22 respectively.

There are five new faces on the Central Committee including Dr Anthony who polled the third highest number.
In brief remarks on his return to the leadership of the party, Nagamootoo said that he saw his comeback as a re-affirmation of the desire of the party’s rank and file for the strongest possible unity in the leadership of the party. Nagamootoo had not attended the previous congress after a falling out with the party.

And as the 29th Congress of the party ended at the Diamond Secondary School yesterday, PPP Central Committee Member and Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon told a closed session that media management and how to use the new media to confound the “hostile media” is one of the main areas of focus of the PPP as it moves to the 2011 general elections.

In his presentation on ‘A vision for 2011’ the PPP Central Committee member and Head of the Presidential Secretariat, said that in the run up to the next general elections the party has to look at the media from two perspectives.

In the first instance he said that the media has to take the message of the party and the achievements it has made in government to all parts of Guyana. People have a right to information he noted.
On the other hand, he said that there was also need for media management in which the media should also be held more accountable for its actions.

Without mentioning names, he said there were media that were enemies of the PPP which made them enemies of progress and the party has to “use the new media to confound them.”
“We have to deal with the media…left unbridled they will be a permanent thorn in the side of the PPP come 2011,” Dr Luncheon said.

Speaking about the selection of a presidential candidate for the 2011 elections, Dr Luncheon said the choice of a candidate would be done in 2010 in a special mechanism that would be done exclusively by the party and not by the media or external forces.
He said the party has already taken note of the attention the “hostile media, critical media” was paying to the issue of a PPP/C presidential candidate. The hostile media, he said sarcastically “knows more about this party than we do” adding that PPP members need to commit themselves to ensuring that the issue of a presidential candidate remains internal to the PPP.
[2] Donald Ramotar

Donald Ramotar

While the issue of the media and the choice of a presidential candidate were key to 2011, he said that the party would also have to find a way of handling its internal image given the impression the hostile media was conveying internationally.
The media, particularly Stabroek News came under harsh criticism by President Jagdeo and the party’s Central Committee in its report to the congress.
Wrapping up the congress yesterday was a political declaration which was explained by Central Committee member Indra Chandarpal.

The declaration spoke of the party and its objectives particularly in maintaining unity in its leadership and among members in the run up to the 2011 general and regional elections; and building unity and declaring its readiness to engage with the PNCR and the AFC and any other opposition group so inclined to discuss areas of disagreement and policies in order to arrive at unified positions for the benefit of the people.

On the economy, the party declared that critical features of economic development at this time are the maintenance of economic stability, encouraging investment, increasing economic growth, the completion of the Skeldon sugar factory, the completion of the Berbice River Bridge, the construction of the Amaila Hydro Project, and increasing food production for consumption and export.

The declaration reflected on its social sector policy and noted that Guyana spends a larger percentage (over 30%) of its budget on social services than many other countries and registered more advances in the past 15 years than in the 50 years before that.
[3] Moses Nagamootoo

Moses Nagamootoo

The party declared that the rule of law flourishes and the media was free in Guyana with criticisms of the government flowing freely although from time to time there have been tensions between the two.
In dealing with the issues of crime and security, the party expressed its unwavering support for the security forces in their daily and deadly battles against determined criminals and called on other political parties and stakeholders to join with them in doing so.

In focusing on workers and farmers, the party urged them not to limit their interests only to their own welfare but to become involved in issues of national importance and become active in trades unions, farmers’ organizations, as well as in community developments groups, parent-teachers associations and others.

The party expressed continued support to, and confidence in the Women’s Progressive Organization (WPO) and the Progressive Youth Organisation (PYO) as they continue to build their organisations to motivate their members, to promote the party’s agenda and to militantly fight for the realization of the goals of the PPP.

On the PPP/Civic alliance the party declared its continued support to the alliance and rededicated its commitment to work for its strengthening.
The party also urged members to study the Central Committee Report also known as the General Secretary’s report, discuss it and develop plans and campaigns to implement its conclusions and recommendations in their political work.

The last item before the close of the congress was the announcement of the 35 members of the party elected to the Central Committee and five Candidate Members also known as non-voting members of the Central Committee. A total of 913 votes were cast from a list of 1020 delegates.

Those elected to the Central Committee are Bharrat Jagdeo, 777 votes; Mrs Janet Jagan, 671; Dr Frank Anthony, 658; Donald Ramotar, 637; Moses Nagamootoo, 595; Roger Luncheon, 588; Navin Chandarpal, 582; Gail Teixeira, 558; Robert Persaud, 542; Indra Chandarpal, 524; Clement Rohee, 507; Clinton Collymore, 472; Komal Chand, 449; Ganga Persaud, 445; Hydar Ally, 443; Zulfikar Mustapha, 437; Anil Nandlall, 436; Ali Baksh, 430; Bheri Ramsaran, 393, Irfan Ali, 380; Jaffar Ali, 375; Ralph Ramkarran, 374; Harripersaud Nokta, 370; Ulric Ramanah, 363; Neil Kumar, 362; Jennifer Westford, 360; Cyril Belgrave, 332; Dharamkumar Seeraj, 332; Kellawan Lall, 324; Pauline Sukhai, 309; Reepu Daman Persaud, 300; Moti Lall, 286; Harinarine Baldeo, 270; Mitra Devi Ali, 251, and Shirley Edwards, 246.
The five new faces are Dr Frank Anthony, Irfan Ali, Dharamkumar Seeraj, Pauline Sukhai and Jaffar Ali. Those who lost theirs were Philomena Sahoye-Shury, Premchand Dass, Harrinarine Nawbatt and Bibi Shadick. The death of Satyadeow Sawh also created a vacancy.

The five candidate or non-voting members are Bijulee Moti, Anuppattie Veeren, Majeed Hussain, Ramdat Ramlakhan, and Chandilall Seechanlall.
The members of the new Central Committee will be required to elect a new Executive Committee for the party at its first meeting. At the same time secretaries to the various committees, including the party’s General Secretary would be elected.

While Anthony zoomed straight to number three after not being in the previous central committee, Persaud and Ramotar stayed around their same positions while Ramkarran fell from 13 to 22. Party stalwart Reepu Daman Persaud moved from 12 to 31 and another senior party functionary Navin Chandarpal from 3 to 7.
1. Bharrat Jagdeo 777
2. Janet Jagan 671
3. Frank Anthony 658
4. Donald Ramotar 637
5. Moses Nagamootoo 595
6. Roger Luncheon 588
7. Navin Chandarpal 582
8. Gail Teixeira 558
9. Robert Persaud 542
10. Indra Chandarpal 524

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