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No progress since Independence?

No progress since Independence?
Stabroek News, November 29, 2008 @ 5:05 am In Letters | 6 Comments

Dear Editor,
A report on a presentation by Major-General (rtd) Joe Singh, the CEO of GT&T and Ms Faith Harding at a symposium hosted by the youth arm of the PNCR is worth reading (Guyana Times November 27 page 3). The views of both presenters highlighted issues which affect us as a nation, and should be seriously addressed by the institutions mentioned.

However, I tend to disagree with the CEO’s statement that there has been no progress in Guyana since Independence, and further that when he looks around Guyana, it is the same way as when he left school many years ago.

According to the Concise Oxford Dictionary, 1995 edition, ‘progress’ is defined as (a) forward or onward movement; (b) development towards betterment and (c) move or be moved forward or onward.

The CEO must therefore explain, based on the explanations obtained from the dictionary, what he meant when he said that Guyana had not made any progress since Independence.

I wish also to request that the Ministry of Education use the CEO’s statement as a topic for the schools’ debating competition.
The CEO of GT&T should be a member of the panel of judges for the competition.
Yours faithfully,
CS Vaughn MSM
Major (retired)

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