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Construction permit for Marriott Hotel hinges on EIA review

Construction permit for Marriott Hotel hinges on EIA review…board review 12 days and counting, no pronouncement as yet
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The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study, which must be conducted before Adam Development/Urbahn Associates (ADUA) could commence the construction of the Marriott Hotel in Kingston, Georgetown, has been completed.
The permit required for construction had to await a further 60-day public scrutiny period, which ended on November 19, at which time the Environment Assessment Board commenced addressing the EIA to determine whether it (the permit) will be issued to ADUA.
An artist’s impression of what the new Marriot Hotel is expected to look like

An artist’s impression of what the new Marriot Hotel is expected to look like

The board has been reviewing this data for the last 12 days, and to date there has been no definitive pronouncement on whether the permit has been issued or denied.
The document was available at the institution’s website:
Upon receipt of the permit, a sod-turning ceremony is expected, and the investors are expected to be announced.
Last April, ADUA presented its design plans and drawings of the hotel to all key stakeholders, including the Environmental Protection Agency, Mayor and City Council (MCC), Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA), the Sea Defense Board, and the Government.
On May 16 last, the EPA held a scope meeting to determine the terms of reference for the EIA being completed by Environmental Management Consultants.
In June, the terms of reference were approved by the EPA and posted on the EPA’s website.
Last August, the ADUA, through its Environmental Consultants, presented the draft EIA to the EPA for review, approval and issuance of a permit.
The financial closing will be consummated in Guyana via its Guyanese subsidiary, which will be executing the project on behalf of ADUA. At the sod-turning ceremony, the financiers will be announced.
In May, ADUA, under contract from the Government of Guyana and GWI, constructed new sewerage pipes to allow the site to be cleared for construction. The Kingston well was also relocated.
Additionally, in May, ADUA, at its own cost, completed initial clearing and demolition of buildings, including the former Luckhoo Pool.

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