Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ghost writer, Elizabeth Daly replies to T. Khemraj

Guyana Chronicle, 1 July 2009

TARRON Khemraj in his letter titled, ‘Ms Daly misinterpreted the economic points raised’ in the Kaieteur News on June 30, 2009, seems to be very opinionated and also seems to believe that his word is gospel. On the other hand, I am just aiming for a healthy debate, but Mr. Khemraj continues to ramble on useless notions, let us stick to the issues Khemraj. And he should know that the ‘social sciences discipline’ is not an exact discipline as, say ‘mathemeatics’; so that his position and posturing cannot be the sole interpretation of the matter in question.

Mr. Khemraj knocks the ‘grow more food campaign’ which is no surprise to me. Since Mr. Khemraj clearly prefers to lie in his bed of roses and knock Guyana’s developmental plans, I deem him unworthy to nitpick. He should be in the battle field with his fellow soldiers and not sitting and watching the war and prattle.

How does he interpret the comment of Paul Taylor in Stabroek News on August 9, 2008 captioned, “The Ministry’s “Grow more Food Campaign,” is helping”; in my last letter about the ‘Grow More Food’ campaign? Let him say something about this, so that we can have a healthy debate; instead, he ignores my points, and so his reply then becomes a silly reiteration of his posturing; this is inappropriate in any discussion. He needs to learn to relate to other people’s positions.

Also, since he so consumed in his opinions, then I suggest he presents some alternative plans that are bigger and better than ‘the grow more initiative.’ I always believe that it is better to try and fail than to not try at all.

Mr. Khemraj is misinterpreting the ‘grow more food initiative’; it not only refers to a kitchen garden, but it is part of a holistic plan. The world right now is experiencing food shortages because of climate change which ultimately leads to a rise in food prices. The demand for food will rise but the supply of food will not be available. The ‘grow more food initiative’ creates jobs for people; it encourages people to become more agriculture-oriented and enhance the agriculture sector of not only Guyana, but as well as the Caribbean. With the proper policy implementation, other countries can take example from Guyana and revive their agriculture sectors as well.

Why is Khemraj so concerned as to when my letters get published in the newspapers? I do not control any of the Guyana newspapers and these media houses are free to publish my letters whenever they desire; the decision when to publish is not mine. And, when your letters get published is clearly your problem and not mine.

Khemraj also knocked the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF’s) report on Guyana’s sound macroeconomic environment, which is a start for transformation of the economy; however, because of Khemraj’s strong opinionated personality and thinking, he deems this as wrong. The IMF has done some wonders for some parts of the developing world, and this must means something for the poor who live there: again, his focus on IMF’s concern for achieving stability indicates Mr. Khemraj’s failure to grasp the bigger picture of development in the developing world; from stability, a poor country can move to other things; and let us not forget, that as people squabble over the ‘conditionality’ control of the IMF over poor nations, it is the same funds that significantly contribute in the interim to the provision of human and social services for the poor.

Also, I am not interested in any donation from Mr. Khemraj, if he is so willing to donate some texts, then I suggest he contacts sources that may direct him to where the need exists.

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