Friday, March 26, 2010

Ghost writers, jumbies - 'paid PPP slaves'

“Hello, Mr. Kissoon. Can you turn down the music?”
March 26, 2010 | By KNews | Filed Under Features / Columnists, Freddie Kissoon

These were the words used by the son of a senior Cabinet Minister to me on his cell phone. An hour before, I met his “jumbie” partner who works at the Ministry of Foreign Trade in Nigel’s Supermarket and told him I knew he gets paid from GINA for writing anonymous letters in the Chronicle and blogging under fictitious names, all in support of the Government. I identified who his partner in the “jumbie” business was. He was the son of a Minister. The title of this column should have been a whiter shade of pale (taken from the title of that classic soft rock song).
When this guy heard the exposure, he became whiter than the milk in the box that he had in his hand. He knew it wouldn’t end there; I would print the information I had. Not only did I publish what I knew, I gave the material (MSN messenger chat material which I previously listed as Yahoo stuff) to Mark Benschop and Adam Harris. Why those two? Because things were spoken about them. I should send this item to President Jagdeo to let him know how these two young men feel about his Freudian choices (if Mr. Jagdeo has such choices; I don’t know and don’t want to know) because some uncomplimentary things were said about Mr. Jagdeo in that context.
I left Nigel’s Supermarket and went to buy albums in the music store when I got a call from the Minister’s son. Obviously in music shops, songs are playing with rising decibels all the time. He identified himself, and asked me to turn down the volume. Of course I couldn’t do that but I directed him to the store owner. He insisted that he doesn’t blog on a discussion site using a false name and does not write letters in the Chronicle but I could detect the tremor in his voice. Like his “jumbie” partner from the Minister of Foreign Trade, he knew I would expose him. I cannot print their names here for obvious reasons. Their fellow “jumbies” on the discussion site and in the Chronicle would deny that they write under pen names.
This inexplicable perversity where people who embrace the Government of Guyana but are ashamed to use their own identities is comically sickening when you think that they are being paid to appear as jumbies in the media. Where else in the world, does a person collect a cheque from the national treasury for writing and blogging in support of his/her government and use a bogus appellation? Now brace yourself for a phenomenal piece of information that has literally stunned me. The more you live the more you learn. I got a call from New York last night asking me to check into a fact. What was the fact?
There is a discussion forum started up by the son of one of Guyana’s Ambassadors. I think it is named GINA as in the GINA we have in Guyana. A few times I went to this site but it was sickening in terms of anti-African expressions and cussing down critics of the PPP. Here is what I was directed to and believe me it is true. Not even the great Sigmund Freud can explain this.
On that site the only two discussants (or bloggers) who use their real identities are two PPP critics - Dr. Tarron Khemraj and Gerhard Ramsaroop, both of the AFC. Isn’t this an amazing revelation? All, I repeat, ALL the pro-PPP, pro-government discussants write under false names most of which are asinine in appearance.
So the persons who should have a genuine fear about using their true identities in fact have no such trepidation and freely castigate Mr. Jagdeo and his Government. But the emotional and over-zealous PPP stooges and sycophants post their support on the forum and hide their names. This is one of life’s most perplexing mysteries. Khemraj and Ramsaroop should fear victimization and logically should resort to unreal signatures.
It is for the PPP slaves to openly embrace their government because their government is the slave master who has the power to protect them thus no harm can come to them.
Why would a shameless admirer of Mr. Jagdeo’s performance reply to Khremraj and Ramaroop on that discussion forum on the internet and hide the print on their birth certificates?
You mean to tell me these people are so ashamed of the PPP? Or it is that they are afraid their families know that they are insects and maggots who crawl out of a hole to praise the government using a mask of slime?

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