Sunday, July 13, 2008

Page One Comment… Kaieteur News under attack again

Page One Comment… Kaieteur News under attack again
Kaieteur News, July 13, 2008

We wish to bring to the attention of the Guyanese people, the Caribbean society and international community a conspiracy from powerful quarters against this newspaper. We believe this plot forms part of an ongoing plan, parts of which are being implemented and which are likely to be intensified as the power players dictate.
We believe that the powerful players are upset over the publicity and comments we have published about an investment issue that was of national importance.
After we began our description, analysis, and thus exposure of this particular divestment project, we were informed by sources that it was said by one particular decision-maker that strategies had to be found to confront and stop Kaieteur News.
We immediately published this threat, and advised the plotters against going down that route. This happened to a newspaper in Guyana before. A national tragedy resulted. Are we repeating the mistakes of the past? We hereby promise the Guyanese people to be relentless in exposing the conspiracy against this paper and its inventors.
Events are currently unfolding that are giving shape to the ongoing plan. We are convinced that vindictiveness and mischief are in progress.
We are not going to be intimidated by these moving knives in the night.
We recognize that the forces aligned against this newspaper are extremely powerful, but the voices of the Guyanese people are more powerful. We saw that in the past, and we expect that our current plotters know they will fail. We have on our side the people of Guyana, whom we have been serving for close to one and a half decades.
We also have the reputation and credibility that come with being the newspaper in Guyana that has the widest readership. We have a duty to expose all bad things that are happening in Guyana. We are also committed to reporting on the good things, and no amount of pressure will stop us from so doing our job. We are an independent media house.
Throughout our history, we have faced adversity. Kaieteur News is therefore not going to be intimidated. We are not going to pack up our bags and close our office and printery. Those who believe that they are dealing with weaklings should think again. We are not going to be pressured into submission.
The dirty, nasty, devious campaign against this newspaper will be exposed, along with all those who are behind it. This newspaper knows the protagonists behind the plot to destabilize it. We know where they are coming from. We shall remain resolute and immovable in defending our right to bring information to the people of Guyana.
In turn, we are confident that our readers and all those who cherish the right of newspapers to expose wrongdoing will stand by our side, as they have done over the years.
We are equally confident that the international community will reject the pressures that are being brought against our newspaper. We shall not budge in the face of provocation. We shall remain strong and fearless, because that is what we are at Kaieteur News.
We ask for your unshakeable solidarity in our moment of need.

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