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Nothing stopping Roger Khan probe – PNCR

Nothing stopping Roger Khan probe – PNCR

Posted By Stabroek staff On June 6, 2009 @ 5:34 am In Local News | 49 Comments
Backer: ‘The facts are incontrovertible’

Authorities do not have to await disclosures by the US about Roger Khan to investigate his criminal activities in Guyana, including his links to government, the main opposition said yesterday.

PNCR-1G MP Debra Backer told reporters yesterday that available evidence points to the Bharrat Jagdeo administration protecting or facilitating Khan’s activities, with the most recent connection being the alleged aid provided to him by Health Minister Dr Leslie Ramsammy.
Roger Khan [1]

Roger Khan

Khan’s former lawyer Robert Simels claims a ‘spy’ computer was purchased through the Guyana Government and that Ramsammy was responsible for the collection of the equipment and organising the training of Khan, in the use of the computer.
Ramsammy has denied the claims.

On Thursday Cabinet Secretary Dr Roger Luncheon said a comprehensive response to the alleged links depends on the comprehensive disclosure of all that information that is now being made available piecemeal fashion. “The facts are incontrovertible,” Backer, however, said at the party’s weekly news briefing yesterday, noting that evidence emerging from court hearings, the information provided by American Government sources, and the revelations by Khan’s lawyers point to the supportive involvement of the administration. She said the party expects that there are already “fulsome” files in the possession of the police force, which must have been augmented by evidence from Suriname, where Khan was held, and court documents from the US, where he entered a guilty plea for cocaine smuggling. “If that is not so, the Commissioner of Police [Henry Greene] must inform the nation why Roger Khan’s notorious criminal enterprise in Guyana has not yet been investigated and when such an investigation would be launched,” she said, adding that collective pressure has to be sustained to push for a probe in the context of good governance and transparency.

Asked why anyone would come forward to give evidence in any investigation, especially in the absence of any witness protection scheme, Backer admitted it is a difficulty. Meanwhile, PNCR MP Lance Carberry acknowledged that during the inquiry into the activities of former Home Affairs Minister Ronald Gajraj persons were afraid to give evidence. He said while the opposition had made a number of suggestions at the time, the government was resistant. He added that in any decent government the minister would have already tendered his resignation.

According to Backer the “long association” between Khan and the administration was evident as early as 2002, when along with Haroon Yahya and Sean Belfield he was arrested at Good Hope, with weapons and a spy computer. They were intercepted by the Military Central Intelligence Division (MCID) of the GDF in a bulletproof vehicle in which was discovered an arsenal of weaponry (including military type assault weapons, some fitted with night vision telescopic sights), Uzi sub-machine guns, assorted ammunition, silencers, and also bulletproof vests and a lap-top computer cum scanner capable of intercepting both land and cellular telephone calls, Backer noted.

It still remains a mystery, she said, how Khan could have acquired this array of weapons and equipment without the help of the Government, particularly the ‘spy’ computer. MCID was not only pressured to return it to Khan but was disbanded for its pains, she added, while the case against Khan and the two others was subsequently dismissed by the late Magistrate Jerrick Stephaney.

“Thereafter, Khan formed his … “phantom gang” and they went on the rampage (going after) so-called criminals,” Backer said, citing self confessed informer George Bacchus’ claim that former Minister Gajraj was linked to Khan’s activities.

Additionally, she noted that it was while he was being hunted by former Police Commissioner Winston Felix, who was determined to bring him to justice that Khan claimed, in full page newspaper advertisements in 2006 that he was working with the administration and the security forces to “curb crime.” While Khan was later held after he was found in Suriname and later extradited to the US, Backer noted that the administration was clearly seeking to protect him by forcing Commissioner Felix from office.

The US government has said Khan was leader of a Georgetown-based cocaine trafficking organisation, which was backed by a “paramilitary squad that would murder, threaten, and intimidate” others at his directive. The organisation imported large quantities of cocaine into Guyana, which was then shipped to the Eastern District of New York and other places for distribution. The US government said Khan’s enforcers committed violent acts and murders on Khan’s orders that were directly in furtherance of his drug trafficking conspiracy. The paramilitary squad was referred to as the “Phantom Squad,” which a confidential US source said was responsible for “at least 200 extra-judicial killings” in Guyana between 2002 and 2006.
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49 Comments To "Nothing stopping Roger Khan probe – PNCR"

#1 Comment By evileyes ((evil always trump good)) On June 6, 2009 @ 6:05 am

you called em the so called phantoms eh……
yuh want investigation eh……….
well govt shoud start investigation into yuh so called free-dumb fightas fuss…who led dem and who armed dem and sen dem out to kill innocent people..leh we start deh fuss…had you not cried your bitter heart out about de same black clothes yuh created in de fuss place to be disbanded none ah dis would ah happen…

#2 Comment By SandHurst First On June 6, 2009 @ 6:11 am

There are more “Roger Khans” in Guyana, what are they planning on doing to bring them into the light??

#3 Comment By gtking48 On June 6, 2009 @ 6:46 am

It really does not matter how much persausive horatory aruguments are elucidated to convince this communist ppp dictatorial government to launch an investigation into roger khan’s activities it will NEVER materialise.There are two many intersecting and parallel interest with this administration.

#4 Comment By amen-ra [jackass seh de world na level] On June 6, 2009 @ 7:02 am

It’s up to the guyanese people to pressure the govt for an investigation into Roger Khan operations, until then we will continue to have these discussions.

#5 Comment By Shelly Streets On June 6, 2009 @ 7:21 am

The truth will unfold like a lilly in the near future.

#6 Comment By nelly avila moreno On June 6, 2009 @ 7:21 am

so what is mrs backer going to do about it?

#7 Comment By Deygoo Marc On June 6, 2009 @ 7:24 am

Now this opposition calling for an investigation into something all Guyanese already know,what a pity.And Mrs/MS Backer you’re living in Guyana and you don’t know that guns and ammo are for sale in the streets?The PNC/R has been a very weak opposition allowing the Government to implement whatever law they want without even having a say.Weak politicians are not fit for any thing except to keep their benches warm in parliament.You guys are not even tabling a positive legislation in parliament and demanding that it be passed,all you guys are interested in is shared governance whici will never happen in Guyana no matter which party is in power.You’re waiting until the media is onto something hot against the government before you start “yap yaping”,just get real and you might gain more political leverage.

#8 Comment By MO On June 6, 2009 @ 7:30 am

Lets start probe from the PNC era, the killing of vincent teeka, shirley fieldley, etc. We can go on and on. Backer the pot telling the kettle its black ……Give me a break

#9 Comment By chemist On June 6, 2009 @ 7:59 am

If parties continue to poke eye for eye Guyana will never get out of its misery. The mentality of comparing the PNC’s past with the problem at hand is what is causing Guyana to drag in the dust. The fact that PNC may have had a dark past does not change the current situation that the administration of the day has major inadequacies and questionable links to sinister undertakings. So come on Guyanese stop the mentality of what PNC did comparing to what PPP is doing. The past is long gone, it is the present that is poisoning GUYANA.

#10 Comment By MR WEST BANK On June 6, 2009 @ 8:00 am

I will like to know
if it is tax payers money or Khan money that purchased the
90,000 US dollars spy computer ? and who was contracting
foreign workers to join the phantom squad and who money was used to purchase the weapons for the phantom squad ?.

#11 Comment By RDMAN (back after surgery) On June 6, 2009 @ 8:00 am

The time for talking is over mrs.Backer,time to get on the streets,god damn it,this country is going down the drain,talking won’t help.Action now.

#12 Comment By Soldier On June 6, 2009 @ 8:05 am

You maybe right Amen-ra,,,the Guyanese people will have to demand this,,but as far as I Know the majority of Guyanese will want the probe to start from the 2002 jail break and even beyond that, who were involved in this plot and what was their motiove by slaughtering of hundreds of people

#13 Comment By SHAKA BLAIR On June 6, 2009 @ 8:10 am

NO wonder Guyana is in a mess. People like you assist to create it.

#14 Comment By amen-ra [jackass seh de world na level] On June 6, 2009 @ 8:12 am

well if that the case then roger khan should go free and return to guyana.

#15 Comment By dubaiciti On June 6, 2009 @ 8:12 am


#16 Comment By turbo On June 6, 2009 @ 8:14 am

evil eyes/cack-eyes is your ppp in power you should
call upon them to investigate the so call free-dumb
fighters,the phantom killers,minister sash sawh and his
family,ronald waddell,walter rodney,and the rest of high
profile deaths, call your useless ppp start the
INVESTIGATIONS not the pnc..

#17 Comment By MR WEST BANK On June 6, 2009 @ 8:14 am

The type of weapons that Roger Khan and his phantom squad
had the Police and Army don’t have that type of weapons and
where are those weapons and the phantom squad members now,
only the leader is in jail ? and how come the DEA and FBI
have so much information about Roger Khan and his criminal
activities in Guyana and Guyana Police, Army and Government
DON”T KNOW ???????.

#18 Comment By amen-ra [jackass seh de world na level] On June 6, 2009 @ 8:14 am

like my good friend evileyes says evil always trumps good, it’s not good over evil anymore it’s evil over good that’ the order of thing now in guyana.

#19 Comment By amen-ra [jackass seh de world na level] On June 6, 2009 @ 8:18 am

evil always trumps good.

#20 Comment By turbo On June 6, 2009 @ 8:20 am

you got your break you living in canada,why dont you
blind ppp supporters call on your leader to start an
investigation into all high profile deaths in guyana,
they are the ones in power MO not the pnc MO…

#21 Comment By REDDY IN BARBADOS On June 6, 2009 @ 8:22 am

Non story. PNC already TRYING to get soemthing out of this with its call for probe a couple days ao. SN editors, stop ordering Chinese food and genip from down Robb street and stuffin yuh face and stop wasting space which gat be put fuh better use.
At least, yuh seem to realise what Simels (the lawyter trying to retain he license). You now correctly sing the disclaimer CLAIMS..I give you a little praise for that.But ease up on genip and chinesee food and save some for Samaroo…..

#22 Comment By Johan On June 6, 2009 @ 8:23 am

Even if this investigation does materialize, do we really expect anything to come out of it? Nothing has changed since the Gajraj investigation. Bacchus (the informer) is a clear example of what will happen to enyone who cooperates with that investigation.

The intersecting and parallel interests also reach into the PNC. It’s a vicious chicken-and-egg thing between the two parties that no lucid Guyanese is confused about. No rocket science here.

But there is also not a large enough appetite among the Guyanese people for such an investigation. Sure, they’d like the other side to be investigated. But never themselves. So one side hollers “Phantom killers!” and the other: “Freedon Fighters!”

And never the twain shall meet.

#23 Comment By Brandon Samaroo (End the PPP Dictatorship Now!) On June 6, 2009 @ 8:33 am

Soldier let it start from as far back as you want. Bring scotland yard in asap so they can start to go as far back as you want them to go.

Whether they go back to Rabbi Washington I could careless. Bring the scotland yard investigation team in NOW!!!

#24 Comment By Brandon Samaroo (End the PPP Dictatorship Now!) On June 6, 2009 @ 8:36 am

Deygoo listen attack the PHENC all you want for things that are credible, but here is the deal parliament is a sham dude.

If the PHENC even brought a bill to the surface what is that going to do? didnt they introduce a bill to get TV coverage of parliament? what happen wid dat?

The PHENC gave the PPP burnhames dictatorship constitution and now they are tied by the same noose. So I am all for attacking the PHENC but in this particular case dont blame the PHENC for being an ineffective opposition blame jagdeo for embracing the burnhame constitution.

Be careful what you are asking the PHENC for. Remember the last time they unleashed benchcaps and the idiots that ran wild in georgetown? who you think suffered? jagdeo? hell no its the poor people and business people who suffered.

#25 Comment By Brandon Samaroo (End the PPP Dictatorship Now!) On June 6, 2009 @ 8:37 am

RDMAN i have to agree with you now.

Back when they did go to the streets it was inappropriate but now is the time for them to really shut down the country.

the PHENC is such a dumb party its unreal.

#26 Comment By turbo On June 6, 2009 @ 8:41 am


#27 Comment By amen-ra [jackass seh de world na level] On June 6, 2009 @ 8:47 am

i guess we should just let everything fall down and go to pieces in guyana, when are we going to move from our personal biase and prejudices and put guyana first.

#28 Comment By JUAN GABRIEL On June 6, 2009 @ 8:54 am

There is such hypocrisy amidst the Guyanese populace, that I sometimes wonder why SANE people ever make comments about the nonadministrative and exclusionary Government which is seeking to present itself as innocent. LET THE INVESTIGATIONS BEGIN AND LET THE MISCREANTS BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE. Guyanese stop being hypocritical!

#29 Comment By John Smith On June 6, 2009 @ 8:56 am

I need to know what is the government waiting for to investigate ? The freedumb fighters, Roger Khan and all the rest, they have the power and the resources to do so. Every crime that has been committed against Guyanese. I know the PNC have lots to answer for, what is the government hiding?

#30 Comment By Johan On June 6, 2009 @ 9:05 am

It’s a new day, Chemist: Two wrongs now make a perfect right.

#31 Comment By NeNe On June 6, 2009 @ 9:10 am

MO, there are more pressing matters at hand. Let’s get the criminals off the streets and create an environment that would help to deter would be killers/murderers. When the country is straight, they can go back and try to figure the murders of Vincent Teeka and Shirley Field-Ridley et al. Those folks are gone and they need to ensure that no other (Van Beek) will fall prey to that type of vendetta EVER again. The country needs to move forward!!!

#32 Comment By amen-ra [jackass seh de world na level] On June 6, 2009 @ 9:21 am

well said chemist, that’s how guyanese are, i don’t know when they will become mature, they are very childish that’s why we’re not going any where fast.

#33 Comment By turbo On June 6, 2009 @ 9:40 am


#34 Comment By turbo On June 6, 2009 @ 9:45 am

WPA ….

#35 Comment By Johan On June 6, 2009 @ 9:48 am

No. No street business, please. Too many terrible memories there to get any positives out.

Let’s make it Information and Informed Votes. And let every vote be a condemnation of gun violence, inadequate protection of the people, partisanship, and drug smuggling

#36 Comment By SWAT On June 6, 2009 @ 10:00 am

It is no secret that RK and the GY government were join at the hip with one acknowledging the relationship and the other deciding that he had enough…went ahead and kicked him out.

#37 Comment By Abiola says On June 6, 2009 @ 10:01 am

What is in the dark must come to light only time will tell.There is a lot of corruption right now in the PPP party they all will be running scared when all the names are called.

#38 Comment By MACK On June 6, 2009 @ 10:03 am

The reason why the Guyana government doesn’t know is because they don’t want to admit what they already know. RK was walking all over GT mixing with poeple from both parties a few days before he escaped the country. The folks in the streets knew what he did. Don;t you think the foolice knew? Guyana is not that big.

#39 Comment By Andy On June 6, 2009 @ 10:13 am

Evil, though you have an axe to grind for the PPP, you have to admit the government dropped the ball when it allowed Khan to do what he did, no matter much people like you view his actions as messianic.

That said, what I have noticed missing from news reports and commentaries is a now obscure reference by Robert Simels to the presence of IRANIANS in Guyana. In a Stabroek News article, Simels reportedly asked Khan if he told them (US authorities) about the IRANIANS (in Guyana) and Khan said no.

What was the IRANIAN connection in Guyana during the 2002 - 2004 crime spree? Anyone knows?

#40 Comment By sim On June 6, 2009 @ 10:24 am

The first thing certain Guyanese people should do is to stop voting, as long as there’s the winner takes all system the PPP will remain in power.

#41 Comment By G/t for life On June 6, 2009 @ 10:33 am

Most Guyanese are afraid to speak out. R.Wadell and M. Benchcop etc. Saddam was a powerful man and they got him. I hope they are digging their holes to hide in. They have enough time to install AC.

#42 Comment By onelove On June 6, 2009 @ 10:33 am

Chemist,if you fail to remember the past to you will sure to repeate it.They are doing an eye for an eye thats why both of them is blind,i mean the PPP and PNC.Yes i agree with an invistigations into everything that happen in Guyana.The phantom and why the only party that could have visited buxton during the crime spree was the PNC?it makes me wonder who really had ties to criminals? also they should open an investigation about the weapons the was given to the PNC and was found on criminals.

#43 Comment By G/t for life On June 6, 2009 @ 10:39 am

When you go on the streets make sure nobody has a pencil, pen nor a PA-System or you may end up like Mark Benchcop.

#44 Comment By BORAPORK On June 6, 2009 @ 10:41 am

This is a political stunt to embarrass the government and I am certain the government will disregard the call for an investigation. No government accommodates the opposition by airing its dirty laundry in public.

#45 Comment By Jack Bull On June 6, 2009 @ 10:42 am

This is the opportunity for the PNC to make the PPP account. Not through press releases but with a well coordinated political campaign both in and out of Guyana. It is a pity that no one will accept Robert Corbin’s leadership. Maybe if Corbin was not there as an obstacle the Guyanese people would have gotten justice.

#46 Comment By BORAPORK On June 6, 2009 @ 10:51 am

MO: You don’t want any investigation and the canard about Vincent Teeka and Shirley Field-Ridley is just a smoke screen. Say plainly what you really are, a supporter of the P.P.P. who is quite happy with “awe bai in charge”.

#47 Comment By Wiggins On June 6, 2009 @ 11:02 am


#48 Comment By Brandon Samaroo (End the PPP Dictatorship Now!) On June 6, 2009 @ 11:05 am

Whether the PPP wants to launch the investigation or not is irrelevant, the pressure is building in the pressure cooker and the PPP can only ignore these things for so long.

This is a different time that in the PHENC days, the population will not tolerate the kind of stalling and plain disrespect for their will.

The will of the people will always prevail. The biggest miscalculation the PPP made was to think that Guyanese would ignore this issue and it would just dry up and blow away like dog poo poo poo.

#49 Comment By Soldier On June 6, 2009 @ 11:31 am

Evil,,,Why didn’t you invite Samaroo and expose him to what life is all about, the man making a whole heap of noise for them three days…

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