Monday, June 22, 2009

This Govt. is unlike any other in progressive societies

Kaieteur News Letter to the Editor, Monday 22 June 2009

This Govt. is unlike any other in progressive societies

June 22, 2009 | By knews | Filed Under Letters

Dear Editor,

The revelations in the Auditor General’s (AG) report of the financial lawlessness by the Government are appalling. It’s a crime what the Government is doing with our money. Every Guyanese should be shocked and outraged.

It is not enough for the PNCR in its response to the AG’s findings to say the Government’s rascality and skullduggery would have resulted in resignation were it taking place in another country. Do something about it. Make use of the constitutional right to dissent/protest.

In this technological age, shared information, interaction and action can be done at minimal cost and the PNCR, AFC, WPA and GAP/ROAR need to be more proactive. For example, contact regional and international institutions and governments and lay bare the case of Guyana’s threatened democracy with the burgeoning corruption and lawlessness of this government. The AG provided the evidence; the political parties, trade unions, churches, business community, civil society and human rights association must now act on this evidence.

The principle underpinning democracy - government of the people, by the people, and for the people - is not evident in Guyana. Democracy is much more than voting. A party’s whose victory is guaranteed only on racial loyalty and does not respect human rights and the rule of law is not practising democracy. A government that fearlessly applies Hitler-like tactics to eliminate people and ‘deal’ with its opponents is not a decent government.

A government that illegitimately spends and refuses to document taxpayers’ money is not democratic. A government that destroys a pension plan, a bank and insurance companies and denies employment to a people or region is not a government for the people.

A government that discriminates through the denial of educational opportunities, stifles independence or dissent, and refuses tax payers access to their money is a ruthless government.

In an open media environment a government that denies speech through withholding or selective licensing is an oppressive government. A president who presides over a narco-economy and criminalised state, and uses his parliamentary majority to pass a Former President Benefits Bill he knows the society cannot afford is not operating in the interest of the people.

The lawlessness and criminality are not only threatening our statehood, it is seeping into other Caribbean countries. Witness the continued attacks on Barbados by President Jagdeo - unfortunately supported by others - to impose his government disrespect for the rule of law, sovereignty, conventions, treaty and guidelines, when neither CARICOM nor CSME endorses these practices.

This Government is unlike any government in progressive societies. Yesu Persaud recently received a deserving Honorary Doctorate from the University of the West Indies, which cited, among other things, his major role in Guyana democracy and his international lobbying in that regard.

Given the preponderance of evidence and dire state of affairs Guyana finds itself today, Mr. Persaud must have realised his work is not yet over. It is hoped, he along with the many activists and media of the 1980s-1990s, know that we are counting on them to play their part once again. There voices are needed now more than ever to support those protesting the degeneration of Guyana.

M. A. Bacchus

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