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Mafia behind Kingston Hotel

Mafia behind Kingston Hotel

Adam Development Enterprises aka Adam Developer's Enterprises wants to build a US$50 million hotel and casino in Georgetown. According to its website, Adam Development is "... is a full-service construction company with experience in new private and institutional buildings, historic restorations, masonry and concrete work and demolitions. Our personnel provide developers, private and public sector clients with exceptional service."

So how many building permits has it ever received? Only three!

And one of them was revoked.

But that is not what this is really about.

The website for Adam Developers Enterprises aka Adam Development Enterprises ( helpfully lists its address, phone number, and e-mail:
249-02 Jericho Turnpike, Suite 205
Floral Park, NY 11001
TEL: 516.616.7442
FAX: 516.616.7558

A reverse telephone number search (
shows that Adam Development shares its office and phone number with "Fast Contracting, Inc." The two companies also share principal officers. Patricia Ahmad is Vice President of Fast Contractors, Inc and President of Adam Development. Dariusz Tyminski is listed as President of Fast Contracting.

A search ( on the domain name registration shows that a Derek Tyminski is listed as administrative contact for

So its pretty clear that "Adam Development" and "Fast Contracting" are two names for one organization.

A search of New York City records ( shows that Fast Contracting's general contractor license expired in 2003. More interesting, its business address was listed as 195 Benedict Road Staten Island, NY 10304.

We can use Microsoft's Visual Earth to get a view of 195 Benedict Rd. Nice place, but looks more like a very nice private home than a contractor's office:

NYC building permit files from January 2004 (, see cells AF969-AN974) reveal that 195 Benedict Rd was also the business address of Richmond Plumbing & Heating, the owner of which is Joseph Francolino. Richmond P&H's phone number was listed as (718) 668-0883 A second file from October 2003 (, see cells V136-AN136, V450-AN454, V1605-AN1605, and V2210-AN2210) shows Joseph Francolino also used 195 Benedict Rd and (718) 668-0883 as the business address and phone number for another general contracting company, "Prime Estates, Inc."

Still more internet checks

( show another company, J D F Transfer (in the refuse hauling business), with the address and phone number 195 Benedict Rd, Staten Island, NY 10304 and 718-668-0883. ("J D F" = Joseph D Francolino)

So Joseph Francolino ran a few businesses out of his home. Fast Contracting, Inc also used his home as a business address. The President and Vice President of Fast Contracting, Inc are principals of Adam Developer's Enterprises which is building the Kingston hotel and casino.

So who is Joseph Francolino, Jr? He's the son of Joseph Francolino, Sr. a senior figure in the Gambino mafia family until he was sent to prison in 1997 on New York State racketeering charges and 34 separate counts of restraint of trade, grand larceny and coercion.


After dad went to prison, Joseph Francolino, Jr took over his business. See this press release from former Manhattan District Attorney Robert M. Morgenthau a couple years ago (

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