Thursday, May 1, 2008

Should ministers also declare their assets?

Should ministers also declare their assets?
Stabroek News letter. Thursday 1 May 2008

Dear Editor,
President Jagdeo has spoken several times about the Fidelity-GRA fraud.
SN April 28, 2008 reported “At his press conference President Jagdeo had also referred to “Civil Servants” whom he said were worth several hundred times their known income and had said that the probe will include investigations into their assets.”
Would President Jagdeo and members of his cabinet publish their own financial records including their assets, to put the public at ease? Some have acquired substantial homes apparently beyond the reach of their earnings.
Is President Jagdeo willing to explain former members of his cabinet’s close relationship with Mr Shafeek and the latter’s colleague Dr Sukdeo involved in the multi million Sacred Heart church scam?
Shouldn’t there be a full up to date report on the loan to Buddy’s hotel and the amount repaid.
Yours faithfully,
A Persaud

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