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Mr Ramkarran should say why there have been no prosecutions in the multitude of serious scams

Mr Ramkarran should say why there have been no prosecutions in the multitude of serious scams

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Dear Editor,
With reference to a letter in your letter columns captioned, “The stealing of books is a serious offence” in the Sunday Stabroek (Oct. 18, 2009) by Mr. Ralph Ramkarran, I wish to make the following comments.

Mr. Ramkarran is comparing the theft of books by a lawyer, Mr. Hardat Misir, who was sworn to uphold the law with that of a seventeen year old youth from the ghetto of South Georgetown, who made a mistake like most desperate youths from the ghettos.

At least Freddie was charged under the so-called cruel Burnham dictatorship. True, stealing in all forms must be condemned but can Ralph Ramkarran provide answers to the following:

Mr. Ramkarran in his own words had admitted “Today, because of the continued stealing of books from the law library of the AG’s chambers, it is a mere shadow of itself.” Who does the stealing now Mr. Ramkarran and why aren’t the culprits prosecuted under this “democratic” government?

Book stealing is a serious crime but it can never be serious as stealing from the people and the treasury.

I would like Mr. Ramkarran to read the Auditor General’s Report and ask why was no one ever prosecuted for the millions of dollars missing?

Why was no one prosecuted in the dolphin export scam, the stone scam, the laws of Guyana CD scam, the lotto funds scam, the construction scams, fuel scam, etc.

Mr. Ramkarran, can you name one major drug dealer that was ever prosecuted in Guyana?

Everyday government officials and corrupt contractors steal from the people and yet no one was ever charged. Stealing from the people is more serious than stealing books.

Why the big fuss with Freddie Kissoon and his stealing books, something that happened since 1974?

People are being framed up on all types of charges now in Guyana just because they are speaking out against the government.

I know of one man who has robbed people of millions of dollars in a visa scam and was never charged by the police just because of his close association with the police and the ruling party. I grew up with Freddie Kissoon in Georgetown and was a family friend of the Kissoon’s household and I knew of the poverty of the Kissoon’s family and the humiliations his father suffered at the hands of the middle class and higher class ruthless capitalists at the GCC ground.

I can recall whilst attending secondary school I was studying Accountancy privately and I could not afford to buy the text book, Carter’s Advanced Accounts. When I told Freddie of my plight, he delivered a brand new Carter’s Advanced Accounts to my home in Kitty. I do not know how he acquired this book, but it was certainly not a library book but the compassion in the man, he wanted to see me continuing my studies in Accounting.

At age eighteen when I opened my evening Accountancy school at the Maha Sabha on Lamaha street, Freddie would wait for me until my class was finished for us to go and lime on the seawall. One evening whilst waiting for me he was hungry and he picked two sapodillas from a tree in the Maha Sabha compound and was caught by Mr. Sase Narain, the President of the Sabha and Speaker of the National Assembly. Freddie was thrown out of the compound and I was immediately thrown out of the Maha Sabha building.

I was not working and was depending on the part-time evening classes at the Sabha to help in my studies and also to help Freddie with his meals at Chinese restaurants.

In those days myself, Freddie and a few others used to be in all the libraries in Georgetown until closing time.

Finally, I think Mr. Ralph Ramkarran and others should dedicate their time and resources to make Guyana a better place by eliminating corruption, encouraging good governance and stop wasting their energies behind Freddie Kissoon’s book stealing that happened over thirty-five years ago.

Yours faithfully,
Balwant Persaud
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5 Comments To "Mr Ramkarran should say why there have been no prosecutions in the multitude of serious scams"

#1 Comment By MeAgain On October 21, 2009 @ 7:29 am

I’m on your side Mr Balwant Persaud, but some technical questions: are you sure it was sapodillas? Can you pick sapodillas and eat them right from the tree? Would you if you were hungry choose sapodillas to pick?

#2 Comment By Diamond Dog On October 21, 2009 @ 8:12 am

Mr. Persaud. Thank you for a very informative letter. Freddie’s story is one of success. He did not let poverty keep him down. Instead of Ramkarran praising Freddie for beating the odds and becoming a productive member of society,, he had to bring up this blimp on Freddie’s past.

#3 Comment By Touchau On October 21, 2009 @ 8:29 am

Mr. Ramkarran’s interest will be better served if he can just zip it. Every time he writes, Mr. Donald Ramoutar must be happy – for his own personal reasons. LOL

#4 Comment By Balwant Persaud On October 21, 2009 @ 9:06 am

I am 100% sure it was sapodillas, it was the only fruit tree in the Maha Sabha compound. It was late in the evening and I do not know if they were ripe or not. But Freddie always had a weakness for raiding fruit trees. I grew up with the guy, so I know him very well.
Sammy Baksh in one of his songs said ” Poverty is a crime”.

#5 Comment By Decoder On October 21, 2009 @ 11:05 am

Balwant, keep the comments flowing, truth be told. Freddie is the fair minded person who tells the true story about governmental disparity, and the country is better off for him.

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