Sunday, October 11, 2009

World Bank people does tek bribe?

Kaieteur News. Dem Boys Seh, Features / Columnists, News. October 11, 2009. Dem boys seh…World Bank people does tek bribe?

Dem boys seh that when rain falling and thunder clap, children does run and hide under bed. Christmas time when boys and even big people let off squib, dogs does run and hide. Some of dem run away and get lost. Some run in fear and car knock dem down but de smart ones run under chair and table and even bed in dem house.
Well, de other day dem boys start fuh check pun how de government was spending money and dem find out that some people get more than dem shoulda get. In de end dem boys seh that dem contract was too big, that more money spend and end up in people pocket.
Nuff story come out and people start fuh talk and point finger. Well is then big man start fuh hide.
Contractor, tractor, cantractor—everybody disappear. Nobody can find dem. That is how Robeson Benn decide to pick up he sledge hammer and search. He lashing down a whole heap of things in his search fuh all of dem who hiding.
Dem boys seh that Robeson actually lash down de Kissing Bridge at Tuschen because he hear somebody was hiding there.
De bridge come down and he ain’t find dem man. He hear that one of dem deh at Meten-Meer-Zorg suh he going there tomorrow.
Fowl Cock, Toolseed, Beekay and all of dem who hiding got to watch fuh Robeson instead of de Waterfalls paper.
And dem boys hear bout some US$10 million fuh de land fill site. De money ain’t pay out but if you see people who line up. Dem boys seh that dem want fuh know if World Bank people dem does tek bribe.
Dem peeping pun this one. Talk half,. Lef half.

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